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Donny Mak

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Donny Mak

Donny's web design, and complex program development skills have made him a nationally known and respected web design and e-commerce consultant. In 2004, he founded Digital Advent Media, providing his talents to clients in a variety of industries, such as automotive, publishing, home design, lifestyle and fashion. He's bringing all of his skills to Bloom Realty, enabling the firm to maximize web marketing, on-line advertising, social media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for our clients. "Staying ahead of the curve on all the new web programming technology is a full time job," Donny says. "The industry is constantly evolving, and I want to make sure Bloom Realty is leveraging everything the web can bring to the business." Donny's personal passion is cars. In fact, he got his start in the web marketing industry photographing high-end and modified sports cars for national automotive print and and online publications. Two of his greatest loves in life: his Norwich Terrier, Lily, and his Cars.

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