Staging Tips: Your Front Door

Posted by Donny Mak on Sunday, July 6th, 2014 at 1:00am.

Front door is the bullseye in your curb appeal.
Having trouble selling? Start with the Front Door.

When we speak with people about listing their home, it surprises some that one of the first things we ask people about is the front door.  Pricing, staging, fixing loose cabinet knobs and painting over the crayon marks – all righteous things to do. But consider your front door.  Is it dark, dirty and depressing? Paint peeling? Is there a bleached out fading circle where the old lock used to be?

We tell clients to do these four things:
  1. Paint it. If you can get away with a bright color, do it. Use high gloss. It makes potential buyers less fearful of walking into the house.
  2. Place two plants on the ground, one on either side of the door.  Something green, even if you’re a plant murderer. Fake topiaries from Target.  Something.
  3. Accessorize. Put a decent floor mat outside. Better yet, buy a brand new one. Again, Target, $9.00. Go all out, and consider a little door knocker.
  4. Put up decent house numbers. Nobody’s told you this, but the stick-on reflecto-models say something about you: you don’t consider your house important enough to spend $20 on tasteful, attractive house numbers.

Even if you don’t fix the cabinet knobs, consider these four things for your front door.

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