Don't try this at Home. Consider a Professional Photographer to take Your Real Estate photos.

Posted by Donny Mak on Friday, September 27th, 2013 at 1:00am.

Jacksonville Professional Real Estate Photos
Local Jacksonville wedding photographer Mark Brian of Mark-Brian Photography in Jacksonville says that while it's still lesser-known than fashion or wedding photography, real estate photography has gone from a commodity service to a prestigious craft. In fact, the Photography for Real Estate (PFRE) organization annually awards an outstanding photographer the honor of being the "Top Real Estate Photographer" of the year.
Jacksonville Bad Real Estate Photo
Example of bad Real Estate Photos

How can you actually scare away potential homebuyers before they’ve even walked through the place? Easy. Bad photos. Every glossy magazine from Teen to Time reaffirms the fact that good photos are truly compelling, and bad photos are a serious turn-off.
You could argue that Realtors-as-salespeople are probably the most dependent on high quality images sell their wares. This is why real estate photography has grown into a powerful and lucrative industry.
Jacksonville Real Estate Photography - Exterior
Jacksonville Real Estate Photography - Exterior
And it's not hard to see why. Mark Brian’s images of Jacksonville real estate go beyond the scope of simply recording what a home looks like, to accentuating the uniqueness of a home and (something amateurs just don’t seem to grasp) the beauty of its natural surroundings. 
Brian admits that he stumbled upon the business, initially shooting real estate photos for a Realtor friend. After shooting his first property, and having his realtor friend’s phone ring off the hook, it's proved rewarding for him, and his now considerable client base. 
“When you’re providing this service you have to manage your client's expectations,” says Brian, “regarding how long the process will take, and what up front work the homeowner is going to have to do the make the place photographable.” Shooting for a web-based MLS listing, he says, is very different than taking shots of the kids at Disney World. Depth, perspective, clarity, resolution, lighting, file size -- they all come into play, and the difference between a bad photo and a compelling one can indeed make the difference between success and utter failure in getting a home sold.

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