House Calls for Doctors!? Up to 100% Mortgage Financing Available!

Posted by Donny Mak on Saturday, July 12th, 2014 at 1:00am.

House calls for Doctors!
Whether you're a Resident, Practicing Doctors (MD, DO, DDS, DMD) there is a Special "Doctor Loan" mortgage program available with up to 100% financing. 
Talk about house calls!  The "Doctor's Loan" programs may be the best kept secret in home lending today! 
Every year 16,000 new doctors graduate from medical school and about the same number graduate from residency. Residents may be cash poor, however, they have solid earnings potential.  You may feel you are between a ”rock and a hard “place when it comes to making a home purchase, but now there is a solution to meet your housing needs. 
The Doctor Loan Program is designed for future high-end earners like you, which offers you an opportunity to secure a mortgage from the bank. Your ability to acquire a AAA Rating makes you a good candidate for a  home purchase, because your average default rate of 0.2% is a lot lower than the mainstream borrower. 

Doctors with over ten years post residency experience are limited to maximum 90 percent financing with this program. Special terms must be met in order to be eligible for this product. Subsequent time spent as a teaching attending or in a fellowship program doesn't count in the ten year eligibility period.

Whether you are looking for 100% financing on loans up to $650,000 or 90% loans up to $1.5 million Bloom Realty’s Professional Team can refer you to a loan specialist who will answer all your questions.

Bloom Realty’s Professional Team have found many Doctors their “Dream Homes”, but were surprised to learn their clients had no idea these loans were available to them.  Bloom Realty is committed to introduce medical professionals to these attractive loan programs, which create a win-win  for all parties.  We invite you to find out more about the advantages of the Doctor Loan Program, please call Bloom Realty at 904-701-0096. 

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