NEFAR-NEFBA Agreement Signed - New Era of Cooperation and Collaboration Ushered In

Posted by Donny Mak on Monday, August 20th, 2012 at 1:00am.


It’s and agreement that has the potential to benefit all the actors in the home-buying process. The “Realtor-Builder Accord” was established to guarantee high standards of conduct in real estate transactions between new construction homebuilders and realtors. It’s designed to assure the homebuying public that they will be treated with the utmost integrity and responsibility when working with a participating Realtor and builder. It benefits builders, Realtors, and most of all, it benefits buyers. NEFAR called the relationship “unique” in that it involved a committee with six members, equally divided between builders and Realtors.

The agreement gained traction about a year ago when NEFAR and NEFBA membership leaders from each group agreed that an accord would help them establish acceptable, equitable and compliant procedures for new home sales. This agreement led to the establishment of the Task Force that created that agreement, which was signed earlier this year. 

The task force was separated into smaller subcommittees that discussed several issues that have plagued the new homebuying process throughout the past few years, especially during the housing crisis. It covers everything from the registration of prospects and showing of homes, how listing builders present and display homes in the Multiple Listing Service, and it provides answers to heretofore murky issues of purchasing, communicating and exchanging information between the Realtor, the builder, the builder’s agent on site, and most importantly, the homebuying public.
NEFAR and NEFBA acknowledged that there needed to be a stated, unequivocal shared goal of home ownership for anyone who goes through the process of buying a home from a new homebuilder.  
At the ceremonial signing of the agreement, it was brought to light that the Northeast Florida Builders Association, its relationship to NEFAR, and the Realtor-Builder Accord, was the first of its kind in the state of Florida.

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